Verizon Communications Company Statistics

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Source: Verizon Communications News Center
Research Date: 9.10.2012
Verizon Communications Company Statistics
Total number of Verizon customers (wireless, broadband, TV)144.8 Million
Fortune 500 Rank16th
Average yearly base salary for Verizon Sales Rep$42,500
Average yearly commissions for Verizon Sales Rep$17,500
Total number of motor vehicles in fleet39,000
Total retail store real estate in square feet113 million sq ft
Total number of Verizon Employees195,400
Percent of union represented employees30 %
Percent of employees that are non-white38 %
Percent of management team that are non-white40 %
Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless total annual revenue$63.4 billion
Total number of Verizon Wireless customers107.7 million
Total number of Verizon Wireless retail customers90.7 million
Total number of Verizon Wireless wholesale and other customers17 million
Average number of calls connected per day1 Billion
Total number of text messages sent annually by Verizon Wireless customers780 billion
Verizon Communication Corporate Citizenship
Total charity given to non-profit organizations$67 million
Total hours volunteered by Verizon employees to non-profit organization730,000 hours
Number of non-profit organizations reached by Verizon employee time or money16,629

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Date research was conducted: August 16, 2016

Verizon Communications Company Statistics

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