US Postal Service Statistics

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Source: United States Postal Service
Research Date: 7.1.2013
USPS StatisticsData
US Postal service annual revenue$67 billion
Number of mail pieces processed annually171 billion
Average number of mail pieces processed each day563 million
Percent of the world’s card and letter mail handled by USPS40 %
Annual cost of postal worker salaries$49.4 billion
Total number of USPS employees574,000
Number of vehicles in the Postal Service fleet215,625
Number of miles driven every year by the USPS truck drivers1.25 billion
Annual sales of online stamps through$223 million
Number of passport applications accepted annually6.7 million
Tax dollars received for operating the Postal Service$0
Breakdown of Postal Service Revenue 
First-class mail$34 billion
Advertising mailers$17.3 billion
Shipping services$8.7 billion
Periodicals$1.9 billion
Package Services$1.5 billion

statistics on USPS ? what is the total number of letters mailed annually through the us postal service ? which is the annual cost for US postal service to operate ? how many first class stamps are purchased annually ? the post office locations

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Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: September 1, 2016

US Postal Service Statistics

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