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Source: US News
Research Date: 7.7.2014
School ranking measurements include LSAT and GPA scores of incoming students, attrition rates, success on the Bar Exam, post-graduate employment percentages, student-to-faculty ratio, and acceptance rates. Traditional rankings incorporate the US News Ranking, the Gourman Report, and Brian Leiter’s Educational Quality Ratings.
 Law SchoolAcceptance RateMedian LSATGPATuition
1Yale Law School7.9 %1733.9$52,525
2Harvard Law School13.3 %1733.89$48,786
3Stanford Law School9.8 %1703.85$49,179
4University of Chicago Law School17.5 %1713.87$47,786
5Columbia University Law School15.8 %1723.72$52,902
6University of Virginia School of Law9.3 %1703.86$44,600
7University of Pennsylvania Law School17.4 %1703.86$50,718
8University of California Berkeley Law12.7 %1673.79$50,163
9New York University School of Law24.2 %1723.71$50,336
10Duke University School of Law15.3 %1703.75$49,617
11University of Michigan Law School21.4 %1693.76$46,830
12Northwestern University School of Law19 %1703.75$51,920
13Cornell Law School20.7 %1683.63$53,226
14Georgetown University Law Center24 %1703.71$46,865
15University of Texas School of Law27.4 %1673.69$30,243
16University of California Los Angeles School of Law20.1 %1683.78$44,922
17Vanderbilt University Law School26.4 %1693.73$46,148
18Washington University School of Law25.4 %1683.66$46,042
19University of Minnesota Law School24.8 %1673.8$34,817
20Gould School of Law University of Southern California25.5 %1673.69$50,591
21University of Law School Alabama25.3 %1653.83$18,030
22Boston University School of Law19.7 %1673.72$42,659
23George Washington University Law School27.2 %1673.82$45,750
24Notre Dame Law School20.9 %1663.64$43,335
25University of Washington School of Law22.1 %1643.67$26,380
26University of Wisconsin Law School26.4 %1633.67$19,683
27Boston College Law School24 %1653.66$41,818
28Washington and Lee University School of Law24.3 %1643.65$41,947
29Emory University School of Law32.6 %1653.7$45,098
30University of California Davis School of Law25.4 %1643.63$46,485
31Maurer School of Law Indiana University Bloomington33.6 %1663.75$28,130
32University of Iowa College of Law38.9 %1613.64$26,348
33University of Georgia School of Law25.5 %1653.59$17,624
34University of Illinois College of Law20.2 %1633.7$38,567
35William & Mary Law School22 %1653.73$26,200

what which law school is the best top ranked lawyer attorney school in california in the us america ranked by acceptance rate cost of tuition average gpa lsat average score median tuition cost most expensive highest rated law schools in the nation new york yale harvard stanford ? how many students are accepted into law school each year

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Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: September 3, 2016

Top Ranked Law Schools

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