This Floor is Mine: Carpet Industry Statistics

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By Shrien Alshabasy
Published: May 27, 2015

Owning fancy floors is a dream for some dedicated homeowners, or even a shiny oak ground to tread with bare feet. But did you know that 51% of the total U.S. flooring market is made up of carpet sales? The carpet industry actually makes a whole lot of bucks, annually $8,119,000,000.

The flooring industry makes even more than the carpet industry at a whopping $17,305,000,000. In total, the area covered by flooring sales is 16.799 billion square feet. This carpeting is owned 65.6% by residential areas and 34.4% by commercial areas.

So which parts of a carpet is sold the most? Nylon is in popular demand as far as carpet fibers go at 52%, while Polyester follows at 39%. The least popular carpet fiber is polypropylene at 8%.

Georgia seems to be a central area for the carpet industry. 9 of the top 20 carpet manufacturers exist in Georgia, employing 29,830 people. There are 227 total carpet and flooring establishments in the state, which explains why 45% of the world’s carpets and rugs are supplied by Georgia.

So which part of the flooring industry takes up the most of the market? Carpet is at the top with 47.4% by dollars and 64.6% by volume. Following carpets are rugs (13% in dollars), resilient, tile, wood, laminate and rubber.

Next time your rug guy comes around, maybe you can surprise him with these fantastical statistics.

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Date research was conducted: March 27, 2017

This Floor is Mine: Carpet Industry Statistics

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