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The Little Blue Bird

Published: March 27, 2015

Are you apart of the tweeting community? Are hashtags and direct messages a part of your every day lingo? Then you’re one of the 645,750,000 users who currently own a profile on Twitter. If this number seems extremely large compared to the number of followers actually on your feed, then it’s probably because only 289,000,000 of users are active.

Every day, 135,000 individuals log onto Twitter and hit CREATE PROFILE, causing the media site to receive 190 million unique visitors a month. Not too shabby, huh? Of those 289,000,000 users, an average number of 58 million tweets are sent out a day. Which wouldn’t surprise the avid user, since there are so many things to say, and so little characters!

So where do these tweeters tweet? From their phones of course! 43% of Twitter users use phones to tweet, while 60% use third party applicants. (Like when you’re on an app and it says Share to Twitter!) Between these two options, 9,100 tweets fly into the social flock every second.

So how does a site like Twitter take in so many users and tweets? From 2010, Twitter has consistently raised their annual advertising revenue. During 2010, Twitter spent $45,000,000 on advertising, reeling in users and social media fanatic. The next year, the revenue more than tripled. In 2014, Twitter spent a total of 479,078,000 on annual advertising revenue, so it makes sense why the site has grown in popularity over the years.
So, are you a Facebook or Twitter fan? Check out our Facebook statistics to compare the monster media websites.

By Shrien Alshabasy





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The Little Blue Bird: Statistics on Twitter

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