The Cost of Food: Hunger Comes at a Price

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Are We Eating Our Money?

Published: March 27, 2015

When you stroll down your local grocery store, what do you purchase? What do you first scribble onto your shopping list? If you’re like most families, you try hard to check for the best prices, since the annual amount spent on food is a whopping $22.594 billion. Per week, a family spends an average of $151, which is about 14% of the family budget.

So which food items do consumers purchase the most? If you guessed eggs as the top product, you’re right! The amount of numbers following this next statistic may make your brain whirl, so beware! In the United States, consumers spend $12,200,000,000 on eggs yearly. A simple breakfast meal for some, eggs are the most profitable food item in America! Trailing behind eggs is milk ($11,200,000,000) and quickly after, bread ($10,000,000,000).

It may surprise you that after these essential ingredients, the top purchased food items go from packed meats ($8,300,000,000) to frozen dinners ($6,130,000,000). At the bottom of the top purchased food items is peanut butter and jelly (who doesn’t love a quick lunch fix) at $3,400,000,000. Have these items appeared on your grocery list recently? Then these statistics should come as no surprise!

By Shrien Alshabasy





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The Cost of Food: Hunger Comes at a Price

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