Teodorin Obiang’s Wealth Statistics

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Source: Global Witness
Date Verified: 7.26.2012
Teodorin Obiang purchased a 387-Foot Yacht for $380 Million
The Yacht is worth 3 times his country’s Health and Education budget
Teodorin’s family wealth is an estimated $600 Million
Teodorin paid $342,000 to Kusch Yachts for completing the basic design of the yacht.
Toedorin’s father has been the President of Equatorial Guinea since 1979 (32 Years)
Teodorin owns a $33 Million dollar jet
Teodorin purchased a Malibu mansion for $35 Million in cash
Purchased Michael Jackson’s “Bad Tour” diamond studded glove for over $350,000
Teodorin regularly spends up to $100,000 on Los Angeles shopping sprees
Teodorin has been known to spend over $10 Million on weekend parties
Teodorin rented Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen’s 300-foot yacht, Tatoosh, for somewhere between $400,000 or $700,000.

statistics on teodorin obiang’s yacht ? How much did Teodorin Obiang pay for his yacht? what is Teodorin Obiang’s net worth?

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Date research was conducted: June 5, 2016

Teodorin Obiang’s Wealth Statistics

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