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Car / Auto Manufacturer Most Valuable Brands

Most Valuable Car / Auto Manufacturer Brands Worldwide Brand Value Toyota $29,598,000,000 BMW $25,730,000,000 Mercedes-Benz $21,535,000,000 Honda $14,085,000,000 Ford $11,812,000,000 Nissan $11,104,000,000 Volkswagen $8,403,000,000 Chevrolet $4,917,000,000 Hyundai $4,615,000,000

Harvard Law School

Top Ranked Law Schools

Statistic Verification Source: US News Research Date: 7.7.2014 School ranking measurements include LSAT and GPA scores of incoming students, attrition rates, success on the Bar Exam, post-graduate employment percentages, student-to-faculty …


Largest Associations by Annual Budget

Top 10 Largest U.S. Associations by Annual Budget Rank Organization Annual Budget 1 AARP $855,100,000 2 American Chemical Society $479,660,000 3 National Education Association $336,670,000 4 National Rifle Association $218,050,000 …

Top Earning Music Artists of The Year

Statistic Verification Source: Billboard Date Verified: 3.20.2012 The following is a ranking of top music industry earners from album sales and concert ticket sales. The list begins with the top …