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Sunglasses Industry Statistics

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Sunglasses Industry StatisticsData
Annual sunglasses industry sales revenue worldwide$3,596,000,000
Percent of sunglasses purchased online6 %
Percent of U.S. adults who wear Rx or plano sunglasses75 %
U.S. Eyewear Market OverviewData
U.S. retail sales of frame market for eyewear$8,687,000,000
U.S. retail sales of lens market for eyewear$10,410,000,000
U.S. retail sales of contact lens market$4,025,500,000
Average retail price of eyeglass frames$125.00
Percentage of contact lenses sold online16.7 %
Number of Eyewear Sold in U.S. Annually by TypeNumber Sold Annually
Perscription Glasses85,200,000
Reading Glasses46,200,000
Contact Lenses85,200,000
Luxoticca Brands StatisticsData
Percent of all name brand sunglasses produced by Luxoticca70 %
Average profit for every dollar spent on manufacturing$0.64
Global net sales of Luxoticca$9,052,000,000
Sales of Luxottica retail$2,891,000,000
Net sales of Luxottica in North America$5,103,000,000
Statistic Sources & References
Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: August 2, 2016

Sunglasses Industry Statistics

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