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Shoplifting Statistics

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Shoplifting / Stealing StatisticsData
Number of people who currently shoplift in the U.S.27,000,000
Number of people who have been caught shoplifting within the past five years10,000,000
Odds of getting caught shoplifting1 in 48
Percent of shoplifters who are kids25 %
Percent of shoplifters who say they started in their teens55 %
Percent of shoplifting incidents that were not planned in advance72 %
Percent of kids who say they know other kids who shoplift89 %
Odds of a shoplifter being turned over to the police1 in 2
Percent of shoplifters who are considered “professionals”3 %
Percent who said it is hard for them to stop even after getting caught45 %
Average number of times a habitual shoplifter steals in a week1.6
Age when most shoplifters quit their stealing habit24
Total amount stolen from retailers each year$13,000,000,000
Median value of a shoplifting theft$37.50
Retail Store Security StatisticsPercent Utilizing
Percent of stores with a visible CCTV70 %
Stores with a hidden CCTV46 %
Percent with a plainclothes store detective33 %
Door receipt checker27 %
Ink tags27 %
Radio-frequency tags20 %
Fitting-room attendant15 %
Observation booth2 %
Statistic Sources & References
Sources: National Retail Security Survey, Transylvania University Study, NASP
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: March 15, 2018

Shoplifting Statistics

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