Shark Tank Investment Statistics

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Shark Tank Investment Deals Totals
Season 1-4DealsSeason 1-4 InvestedDealsSeason 5DealsSeason 6 (Ep 1-20)Total
Mark Cuban26$6,690,00022$7,390,00013$3,920,000$17,500,000
Barbara Corcoran32$4,860,0008$875,0007$735,000$1,900,000
Robert Herjavic25$5,850,00013$2,600,00011$1,590,000$9,800,000
Daymond John30$3,475,0008$1,025,0007$955,000$5,200,000
Lori Greiner15$1,650,00022$2,950,00014$1,380,000$4,975,000
Kevin O’Leary17$3,720,0009$750,0006$855,000$4,250,000
Kevin Harrington12$1,993,000     
Shark Tank StatisticsData
Total invested by all sharks all seasons on Shark Tank$44,215,000
Average deal amount$164,738
Average deal equity36.4 %
Average deal company valuation$452,289
Average revenue of companies seeking deals$395,038
Percent of pitches that get funded51 %
Success rate for teams of 3 or more people64 %
Success rate for individuals44 %
Percent of successful deals that fall apart during due diligence35 %
Average Equity Taken by SharkAverage Equity Per Deal
Daymond John27.5 %
Robert Herjavec22.9 %
Kevin O’Leary15.6 %
Barbara Corcoran37.2 %
Kevin Harrington31.5 %
Mark Cuban38.8 %
Lori Greiner61.2 %
Shark’s Net WorthNet Worth
Mark Cuban$2,500,000,000
Kevin O’Leary$400,000,000
Daymond John$250,000,000
Robert Herjavec$200,000,000
Barbara Corcoran$80,000,000
Lori Greiner$50,000,000
Shark Tank Deals Made by DemographicsDeals Made
Single Team44 %
Two on Team58 %
3 or more on Team64 %
Male47 %
Female56 %
White46 %
African-American52 %
Asian60 %
Latino50 %
Total Invested Per Season of Shark TankTotal Invested
Season 1 Total Investments$4,460,000
Season 2 Total Investments$5,350,000
Season 3 Total Investments$6,200,000
Season 4 Total Investments$11,140,000
Season 5 Total Investments$15,590,000
Season 6 Total Investments (Through Ep 20)$9,475,000
Largest Shark Tank DealsAmount Invested
Kevin O’Leary : Zips Wine$2,500,000
Mark Cuban : Haunted Hay Ride$2,000,000
Robert Herjavic : Happy Feet$375,000
Mark Cuban : Ilumi$350,000
Robert Herjavic : Post Cards On The Run$300,000
Robert Herjavic : Hamboards Skateboard/Surfboard$300,000
Lori Greiner : Ruffle Butts$300,000
Deals Completely DeadInvested
Barbara Corcoran : Cactus Jack$180,000
Mark Cuban / Kevin O’Leary : Toygaroo$200,000
Mark Cuban / Barbara Corcoran : Sweet Ballz$250,000
Episod Ratings Viewers
Pilot Episode : Season 1 Episode 14,230,000
Highest Rated : Season 6 Episode 15 "Lumio, Napwell, TuboPUP, Bello Verde"8,640,000
Most Successful Shark Tank Investments
CompanyInvestorInvestedEquityRevenue Year After Airing
Scrub DaddyLori Greiner$200,00020%$18,000,000
GrooveBookKevin O'Leary$150,00080%$14,500,000 Buyout
BreathometerAll 5 Sharks$650,00030%$10,000,000
ReaderestLori Greiner$150,00065%$8,000,000
Tower Paddle BoardsMark Cuban$150,00030%$5,000,000
Pork Barrel BBQBarbara Corcoran$50,00050%$4,100,000
Cousins Mained Lobster Food TrucksBarbara Corcoran$55,00015%$3,500,000
Wicked Good CupcakesKevin O'Leary$75,000$0.45 Royalty$2,000,000
ChordBuddyRobert Herjavec$175,00020%$2,000,000
The Painted PretzelMark Cuban$100,00025%$1,500,000
Daisy CakesBarbara Corcoran$50,00025%$1,200,000
Ava the ElephantBarbara Corcoran$50,00050%$1,000,000
KisstixxMark Cuban$200,00040%$500,000
Statistic Sources & References
Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: September 22, 2017

Shark Tank Investment Statistics

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