Sex Frequency by Relationship Status (Ages 18-39)Times Per Year
Number of times per year the average adult has sex82
Single male24
Single female31
Domestic couple126
Married couple94
Men and Women Sex ComparisonAverages
Average age a male loses his virginity16.9
Average age a female loses her virginity17.4
Average number of sex partners a woman has in her lifetime4
Average number of sex partners a man has in his lifetime7
Sex StatisticsAverages
Number of minutes the average couple spends on foreplay20
Average length of sexual intercourse in minutes7.3
Average penis size in inches5.5"
Number of calories the average person burns during 30 minutes of sexual intercourse200
Sex Poll StatisticsPercentage
Percent of men who say they always reach orgasm75 %
Percent of women who say they always reach orgasm29 %
Percentage of Americans who report being satisfied with their sex life48 %
Percentage of women who say they have faked an orgasm at least once in their life46 %
Percent of adults who have had sex with a coworker20 %
Percent of women who admitted they have used sex to manipulate their man in some way84 %
Percent of women who still want regular sex after four years of marriage53 %
Percent of men who think about sex several times a day57 %
Percentage of Americans who are living with an incurable STD25 %
Statistic Sources & References
Sources: Kinsey Report, National Center for Health Statistics
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: November 2, 2017

Sex Statistics

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