Segregation Statistics

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Source: Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Huffington Post
Date Verified: 1.1.2014
Segregation Statistics
Metropolitan Cities with the Highest Level of Segregation
Percentage of non-whites that would need to move to the area to give an equal non-white to white ratio
1Detroit, Michigan79.6 %
2Milwaukee, Wisconsin79.6 %
3New York, New York79.1 %
4Newark, New Jersey78 %
5Chicago, Illinois75.9 %
6Philadelphia, Penn.73.7 %
7Miami, Florida73 %
8Cleveland, Ohio72.6 %
9St. Louis, Mi70.6 %
10Nassau-Suffolk, N. Y.69.2 %
U.S. Cities with largest decline in Dissimilarity (Dissimilarity is the percentage ratio between non-whites and whites living in a particular area based on population)
RankCityDissimilarity Decrease
1York, Pa47.7
2Fort Pierce, Florida40.9
3Hagerstown, MD39.7
4Sarasota, Florida38.2
5Redding, Penn.50.3
6Fort Wayne, Ind.40.6
7Fort Myers, Florida54.5
8Kansas City, Missouri57.7
9Asheville, N.C.47.5
10Naples, Florida73.5

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Date research was conducted: March 2, 2018

Segregation Statistics

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