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Presidents of the United States Term Length

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The President of the United States of America is the head of state and head of government of the United States. The president leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces. The person in this position is the leader of the country which has the largest economy and the largest military, with command authority over the largest active nuclear arsenal. The president is frequently described as the most powerful person in the world.
President StatisticsData
Current presidents annual salary$400,000
Number of Presidents assasinated4
Number of unsuccessful assination attempts6
Number of Presidents who died in office3
Total number of US Presidents43
Number of Presidents by Political PartyNumber
No Party1
OrderPresidentDays in OfficeNumber of TermsReason
1George Washington2,8652 
2John Adams1,4601 
3Thomas Jefferson2,9222 
4James Madison2,9222 
5James Monroe2,9222 
6John Quincy Adams1,4611 
7Andrew Jackson2,9222 
8Martin Van Buren1,4611 
9William Henry Harrison311 MonthDied
10John Tyler1,430Served Remaining 
11James K. Polk1,4611 
12Zachary Taylor4911 YearDied
13Millard Fillmore969Served Remaining 
14Franklin Pierce1,4611 
15James Buchanan1,4611 
16Abraham Lincoln1,5031.1Assasinated
17Andrew Johnson1,419Served Remaining 
18Ulysses S. Grant2,9222 
19Rutherford B. Hayes1,4611 
20James A. Garfield1991Assasinated
21Chester A. Arthur1,262Served Remaining 
22/24Grover Cleveland2,9222 Non-Consecutive 
23Benjamin Harrison1,4611 
25William McKinley1,6542.5Assasinated
26Theodore Roosevelt2,7281.5 
27William Howard Taft1,4611 
28Woodrow Wilson2,9222 
29Warren G. Harding8812 YearsDied
30Calvin Coolidge2,0411.5 
31Herbert Hoover1,4611 
32Franklin D. Roosevelt4,4223.1 
33Harry S. Truman2,8401.9 
34Dwight D. Eisenhower2,9222 
35John F. Kennedy1,0362 YearsAssasinated
36Lyndon B. Johnson1,886Served Remaining 
37Richard M. Nixon2,0271.2Resigned
38Gerald R. Ford895Served Remaining 
39Jimmy Carter1,4611 
40Ronald Reagan2,9222 
41George H. W. Bush1,4611 
42Bill Clinton2,9222 
43George W. Bush2,9222 
44Barack Obama1,8022 

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Presidents of the United States Term Length

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