Phoenix, AZ Weather Statistics

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Source: American Meteorological Society
Date Verified: 1.1.2014
Due to its large area and variations in elevation, the state has a wide variety of localized climate conditions. In the lower elevations, the climate is primarily desert, with mild winters and extremely hot summers. Typically, from late fall to early spring, the weather is mild, averaging a minimum of 60°F (16°C). November through February are the coldest months, with temperatures typically ranging from 40–75°F (4–24°C), with occasional frosts.
Phoenix, AZ Weather Temperatures (Fahrenheit)
MonthAvg HighAvg LowMeanAvg Precipitation
January66°40°53°0.94 in
February70°43°57°1.05 in
March76°47°62°1.13 in
April84°52°68°0.32 in
May92°60°76°0.11 in
June100°68°84°0.04 in
July102°76°89°0.88 in
August100°76°88°0.98 in
September96°69°83°0.75 in
October86°57°72°0.65 in
November73°46°60°0.67 in
December65°39°52°0.94 in

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Phoenix, AZ Weather Statistics

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