Peak Business Hours

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The above chart averages weekday and weekend peak times statistical data from Google’s business insights.

We are creatures of habit and, because of our semi-structured work week, we tend to do certain things at a specific time each day. If you want to miss the crowd and avoid potential lines, check out this list of times to avoid doing certain activities or visiting certain businesses.

So let’s look at the average persons day we start our day with a trip to the gas station around 7am then off to Starbucks followed by an oil change or possibly a car wash. Between 12pm-1:30pm it fast food time at maybe McDonalds or Taco-Bell. Theaters are the busiest at 7pm and restaurants hit their peak at 8pm unless you grab a late night bite at Denny’s which hits a peak at 10pm. Finally, you might visit a bar but be sure to get your drinks and leave before it gets busy at 12:00am.

Does this sound like your typically day?

Business or Business CategoryPeak Time of Day
Gas Station7:00 am
Coffee8:00 am
Oil Change9:00 am
Car Wash10:00 am
Home Depot11:30 am
Taco Bell12:00 pm
McDonalds1:00 pm
Best Buy1:30 pm
Target2:00 pm
Walmart2:30 pm
Theaters7:00 pm
Applebees8:00 pm
Denny's10:00 pm
Bars12:00 am
Statistic Sources & References
Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: April 23, 2017

Peak Business Hours

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