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Obama’s Care: Affordable Health Care Statistics

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President Obama offered his Obamacare to offer affordable or free healthcare to low income families in the United States. Although this program was met with great criticism, 11,700,000 are currently enrolled through the Marketplace. Consequently, the uninsured rate dropped 6.1%, making only 12.3% of adults without health care in the U.S. The program was accepted with support from those previously enrolled, since 4,500,000 re-enrolled, which is 56.2% of the original members. The marketplace wasn’t always matched with such large numbers.

At first, only 8,000,000 people enrolled in the healthcare marketplace during the first open enrollment. Obamacare has offered opportunities to many individuals, 3,4000,000 young adults now able to gain coverage under their parents plan as well as 10,800,000 elderly who now can have Medicaid. 1,000,000 people obtained coverage under their employer. The average cost of this healthcare is only $3,500 a year.

The public opinion of Obamacare may not be so popular. Only 19% of people think that Obamacare has helped them of their families. 22%, however, say that Obamacare has hurt them. 57% say that Obamacare had no impact on them while 43% say they dislike Obamacare. So what do you think? Has Obama’s care helped or hindered your quality of life?

By Shrien Alshabasy
Statistic Brain Staff Writer

Statistic Sources & References
Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: August 10, 2016

Obama’s Care: Affordable Health Care Statistics

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