These posts represent data that show the number of certain things like the “number of cars produced each year” or “number of languages on earth”. So if you’ve ever been curious the number of something, check out these data sets.


National Rifle Association (NRA) Statistics

NRA Financial, Member and Political Statistics Data Total number of ...
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Mobile Cellular Subscribers / Global & US

Year Global Subscribers US Subscribers 2016 7,443,000,000 338,031,000 2015 7,268,000,000 ...
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online job searching website posting statistics careers

Online Employment Job Posting Website Statistics

Job Searching Website Statistics Data Number of people hired from ...
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World War II Statistics

World War II Statistics Data Number of Americans who served ...
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Number of FDA Drug Approvals Each Month

This report lists both original approvals and supplemental approvals to ...
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apple computer company sales statistics

Apple Computer Company Statistics

Apple Products Sold Total Units Sold iPod 370,000,000 iPhone 595,000,000 ...
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commercial fisherman job safety statistics

Commercial Fisherman Job Statistics

Fisherman Job Safety and Death Statistics Data Number of commercial ...
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fatal car accident crash statistics

Car Crash Fatality Statistics 2016

Fatal Car Crash Statistics Data Average number of people killed ...
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volcano eruption disaster statistics death

Volcano Disaster Statistics

Volcano Disaster Statistics Data (1980-2016) Average number of volcanic eruptions ...
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Total Number of Manufacturing Jobs

U.S. Manufacturing Total Number of Jobs (In Millions) 14.4 16.3 ...
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us largest employers statistics numbers

U.S. Largest Employers List 2017

Rank Employer Number of Employees 1 U.S. Federal Government 2,711,000 ...
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Total Number of Retail Store Closures 2016-2017

List of 26 Retailers Going Out of Business Number of ...
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physical music album cd sales statistics

Physical Music Album Sales Statistics

Year Physical Units Sold (Millions) 2016 84.45 2015 100.3 2014 ...
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total number of cities in the world

Number of Languages on Earth and Main Language by Country

Spoken Language Statistics Number Number of languages spoken in the ...
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missing person statistics

Missing Person Statistics

Missing Person Statistics Data Average number of missing persons at ...
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total number of cities in the world

Total Number of Cities In The World

Population Number of Cities Cities with Population of 1,000,000 + ...
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Apple Computer Company Profile

Apple Products Sold Total Units Sold iPod 355,000,000 iPhone 575,000,000 ...
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total number of websites

Total Number of Websites

Each year top level domain name registrations increase by about ...
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