Largest Colleges by Enrollment Statistics

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In the United States, there are over 4,400 colleges and universities. In popular usage, the word “college” is the generic term for any post-secondary undergraduate education. Americans go to “college” after high school, regardless of whether the specific institution is formally a college or a university. Some students choose to dual-enroll, by taking college classes while still in high school. The word and its derivatives are the standard terms used to describe the institutions and experiences associated with American post-secondary undergraduate education.
Largest U.S. colleges and universities by total enrollment
1City University of New York480,000
2State University of New York467,991
3University of Phoenix455,600
4California State University450,690
5Community College of the Air Force332,095
6Maricopa County Community College District260,000
7Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana165,000
8Miami Dade College161,668
9City College of San Francisco100,544
10The Pennsylvania State University94,301
11Florida State College at Jacksonville81,370
12Arizona State University70,440
13Houston Community College System68,011
14University of Minnesota, Twin Cities65,622
15University of Puerto Rico64,511
16Northern Virginia Community College63,000
17North Harris Montgomery Community College District62,707
18The Ohio State University60,466
19University of Florida59,050
20Austin Community College57,227

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Largest Colleges by Enrollment Statistics

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