Keys to Concerts: Ticket Statistics

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By Shrien Alshabasy
Published: May 20, 2015

Blaring music, waving lights, concerts are the ultimate place to be during a night out. But with modern technology developing and allowing listeners to indulge in their favorite artists through a radio, tickets sold have dropped. In 2009, 52 million tickets were sold, in 2010 the number of tickets dropped to 45.3 billion. Then in 2011-2012 the tickets sold dipped from 35.48 million to 34.9 million. In 2014, the total number of concert tickets sold went to 44.75 million.

As tickets are sold less, the average ticket price has fluctuated. In 2009, the average price of a ticket was $62, in 2010 it was $58.98. Then the price went back up in 2011, to $64.67. The price dropped from 2012 to 2014 from $86.4 to $71.36.

Live Nation and Ticket Master have reaped in the successes and failure of concerts. In 2012, the companies together made $5.06 billion while in 2014 their profits increased to $6.87 billion. So who mans the great machine behind ticket master and live nation? The 31,600 employees and 128 venues support their expanding business. The number of tickets sold by Live Nation has also grown from 232 million in 2010 to 278 million in 2014. 900 more concert events were promoted by Live Nation from 2010 to 2014.

So which tours made the most money? The highest grossing tour was U2’s 360 Tour from 2009-2011, which raked in $736 million. Following behind is The Rolling Stones- A Bigger Bang Tour which lasted from 2005-2007 and collected $558 million from their devote fans. Following after is AC/DC’s Black Ice World Tour (2008-2010, $441 million), Madonna’s Sweet and Sticky Tour (2008-2009, $407 million) and U2 at it again from 2005-2006 with $389 million.

Have you gone to any of these ranking concerts? Which band is next on your concert bucket list?


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Keys to Concerts: Ticket Statistics

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