Joe Namath Career Statistics

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Joseph William Namath, born May 31, 1943, nicknamed “Broadway Joe” is a former NFL quarterback for the New York Jets. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1985. Namath earned one Super Bowl victory in 1969
Joe Namath Career Football Stats
1977Los Angeles Rams41075046.76065.7151.53577654.5
1976New York Jets1123011449.61,0904.799.14161615039.9
1975New York Jets1432615748.22,2867.0163.315282725351.0
1974New York Jets1436119152.92,6167.2186.920221919569.4
1973New York Jets61336851.19667.3161.056109768.7
1972New York Jets1332416250.02,8168.7216.619211110172.5
1971New York Jets4592847.55379.1134.2560068.2
1970New York Jets51799050.31,2597.0251.851266354.7
1969New York Jets1436118551.22,7347.6195.319171311774.3
1968New York Jets1438018749.23,1478.3224.815171511272.1
1967New York Jets1449125852.54,0078.2286.226282626173.8
1966New York Jets1447123249.33,3797.2241.419270062.6
1965New York Jets1334016448.22,2206.5170.818150068.8
The Jets signed Joe in 1865 for a salary of $427,000 (a pro football record at the time)


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Joe Namath Career Statistics

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