JetBlue Company Statistics

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Source: JetBlue
Research Date: 6.19.2013
JetBlue Airways Corp. provides passenger air transportation services. It operates a fleet of 120 Airbus, A320 aircraft and offers flights to more than 65 destinations. JetBlue Airways was founded by David Gary Neeleman in August 1998 and is headquartered in Long Island City, NY.
JetBlue Company StatisticsData
JetBlue fleet size170
Total number of JetBlue employees14,347
Annual revenue (2012)$5,080,000,000
Total assets$7,070,000,000
Total cash in reserve (mrq)$849,000,000
Historic highest stock price per share$27.06
Historic lowest stock price per share$3.73

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JetBlue Company Statistics

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