It’s Finally Acceptable to Use Online Dating Sites

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It’s Finally Acceptable to Use Online Dating Sites

Published: March 27, 2015

We’re all looking for that special someone. But have you ever tried to meet your soul mate online? Some conservatives may shy away from signing up because of the fears of the online mystery, but out of the 54,250,000 single people in the U.S., 41,250,000 have tried online dating. eHarmony and are constantly advertising the connection they’ll establish between their members, but it seems like most individuals trust their heart with eHarmony has a total of 15,500,000 members while boasts a large 21,575,000. Although the online dating industry may have your best interest at heart, there is also extreme profits to be made from single love-seekers.

The online dating industry makes $1,249,000,000 a year. Each customer spends about two hundred and thirty nine dollars a year, while the average length of an online marriage last only 18.5 months. Is the dent in your pocket worth some temporary happiness? Compared with the length of a marriage that started offline (42 months) this may be a setback for you. So, what are your chances? Well, if you’re searching for a male, your chances are slightly better. 52.4% of online dating users are male, while 47.6% are female.

If you think about your perfect other half, what do you consider first? You may be surprised to hear that 64% think that common interests are most important, while only 49% think that physical characteristics trumps all. If you’re wondering why some women attract more users than others, it might interest you to know that at age 21, women reach their online peak. But it may also interest you to know that some of these “peaks” are not holistically true, since men lie most about their age, height, and income while women are the biggest fibbers in regards to weight, physical build and age. Our advice on online dating? Don’t let the statistics dictate your actions. After all, age has no number.

By Shrien Alshabasy




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It’s Finally Acceptable to Use Online Dating Sites

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