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IT PC Deployment Statistics

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Source: Dell,, IDC
Research Date: 12.27.2013
IDC interviewed 200 large enterprises about their PC deployment practices. and found that, on
average, the cost of deployment activities was $527 per PC but often ranges to as
high as $700 or more.
Statistics on IT PC DeploymentsData
Average cost range of deployment activities per PC$527 – $700
Percentage of IT labor in PC deployment by Imaging18 %
Percentage of IT labor in Application loading by CD15 %
Cost difference per PC between manually managed system vs Applications dynamically installed over the network at the time of the users need or admin choice)$260
Percent of PCs deployed manually16 %
Percent of PCs deployed by dynamic management systems5 %
Percent of PCs deployed with a standard image for everyone62 %
Average time required to deploy a PC manually2.6 Hours
Average time required to deploy a PC Dynamically.75 hours

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Statistic Sources & References
Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: September 1, 2016

IT PC Deployment Statistics

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