Iraq War Statistics

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Source: Antiwar, Guardian, U.S. Military
Research Date: 1.2.2014
Iraq War Statistics Data
Total amount of approved taxpayer spending on the Iraq War through 2011$1 Trillion
Total amount of money lost or unaccounted for from the Iraq War$9 billion
Total amount of money lost in unaccounted for or stolen equipment$549.7 million
Total amount of U.S. taxpayer dollars earmarked for the reconstruction of Iraq$6.6 billion
Total amount of Halliburton overcharges classified by the Pentagon as Unreasonable and Unsupported$1.4 billion
Total number of bombs dropped on Iraq during the Shock and Awe Campaign4,845
Total amount of monthly spending during 2009 on the Iraq War$7.3 billion
Total amount of U.S. spent monthly on Iraq War in 2008$12 billion
Total number of U.S. troops killed in the Iraq War4,487 U.S. troops
Total percentage of male U.S. troops killed in the Iraq War98%
Total percentage of U.S. non-officers that were killed in the Iraq War82%
Total number of non-U.S. troops killed in Iraq316
Total number of non-U.S. troops killed from the U. K.179
Total number of U.S. soldiers wounded in the Iraq War32,223
Percent of U.S. soldiers wounded with serious brain or spinal injuries20 %
Total percentage of U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq War who developed serious mental health problems within 4 months of returning home30 %
Number of U.S. helicopters downed in Iraq War75

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Date research was conducted: August 12, 2016

Iraq War Statistics

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