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Consulte con Statistic Brain, una investigación exhaustiva & amp; herramienta de análisis que le proporciona los datos correctos para su investigación, informe, artículo o decisión comercial.


Investigue y mantenga una base de datos de más de 500,000 conjuntos de datos estadísticos curados personalizados e interfaces gráficas.

Proporcione a los usuarios una amplia gama de estadísticas esenciales para completar su tesis, plan de negocios y conviértase en el personaje más interesante en su próxima cita o evento de networking.

Protegerte de noticias falsas y amp; informes sesgados; En Statistic Brain nos enorgullecemos de proporcionar conjuntos de datos imparciales, ampliamente agregados y confiables sobre estadísticas actuales e históricas.

Publicar conjuntos de datos estadísticos únicos para nuestros usuarios, en la rara ocasión en que todavía no hemos indexado estos datos dentro de nuestra base de datos, los usuarios pueden solicitar informes de datos específicos.

Statistic Brain proporciona acceso instantáneo a nuestra interfaz fácil de usar, videos compartibles, visualizaciones de datos transformativas y un catálogo único de diversos contenidos estadísticos para superar sus necesidades de investigación.



$ 19.99 / MONTH

Student Access

· Full database and statistical/data set access

· Submission of Research Requests

* Research requests will be fulfilled based on sample size, accessibility, & SBRI resource availability, in the following subscription access order:
Business, Standard, Student

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$ 29.99 / MONTH

Standard Subscriber Access
·Ads will not be visible while viewing SBRI’s platform
·Full database and statistical/data set access
·Full access to data visualizations and graphs
·Priority response to research requests

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$ 199.99 / MONTH

Business Subscriber Access
·Ads are removed while viewing SBRI’s platform
·Access full database and statistical data-sets
·Access existing data visualizations and can request custom graphs
·View SBRI reports, forecasts, and studies
·Receive priority of SBRI fulfillment of your bespoke research requests
·Receive 1 free report for payment of 6 month subscription

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We conducted a survey of 365 Statistic Brain subscribers.
Here’s what they had to say

92% of subscribers visit Statistic Brain one or more times per month.

73% believe they gain more knowledge and save time by viewing a topic’s data on Statistic Brain versus reading a lengthy written article.

81% said they visit Statistic Brain each month to find interesting conversational statistics.

92% saw Statistic Brain as both a research platform website and a publication website for leisure reading. 

84% reported that reading Statistic Brain each month has made them feel smarter and more knowledgable about the world.

Survey Size: 365
All participants have been a Statistic Brain subscriber for 9 or more months.

What if subscribe and then can’t find the statistic or data I’m looking for?
72% of people ask this question

On occasion, we might not have a specific data set you need. Every subscription level has access to our Research Request form. Once our team receives your request it goes into a research queue then assigned to either our North America, Europe, or Asia research team. Average research response time is 48 hours and average research fulfillment time is 78 hours. If we choose to conduct a survey for your dataset fulfillment time can exceed 14 days. On average, 3% of research requests cannot be fulfilled due to limitations in sample size, regional access, or size of dataset requested.


Can I just subscribe, get the information I’m looking for, then cancel my account?
48% of people ask this question

You can cancel your account at any time (and only pay for a single month), but then you will miss out on our latest research. We made our subscription affordable so you can enjoy reading statistics even when it’s not for research (just $0.64 a day, $0.32 for students – basically a stick of gum). Each month we publish over 200 new topics, update over 10,000 time changing stats, and generate exclusive data through our polls and surveys. We love publishing obscure, thought provoking, debate starting, Twitter trending, new perspective giving, motivating, and inspiring statistics to share with our users. When a data set becomes obsolete, we enjoy cross referencing them with another set to create new perspective.

So yes, cancel at any time, but don’t cancel when your work is finished, cancel when your learning is complete. We hope that today you learn something new, find inspiration for tomorrow, and use your knowledge for something good.


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I continue to rely on Statistic Brain when making critical decisions in business and personal finance. Statistic Brain is an invaluable business partner.


Industry : Retail Investments
Through four years of undergrad, two years acquiring an MBA, and now in my career, Statistic Brain played a key role in getting me where I am today. I can not thank the research team at Statistic Brain enough.


Industry : Online Marketing
When we launched our business there was limited market research available at a price we could afford. If we hadn’t discovered Statistic Brain we would not be in business today. Statistic Brain gave us the research necessary to make the best decisions during the vital stages of building our company.

Mike & Michelle

Industry : Food Service

Focused industry research on every major sector
Annual industry dossier included with business level subscriptions.

SWOT Analysis
Consumer Insights
Industry Revenue
Key Factors
Global Market