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Footwear Industry Market Analysis

$38.2 Billion 2017 Brick and Mortar Shoe Store Sales. $26.4 Billion 2017 Online Shoe Sales ...
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Mattress Industry Sales Statistics

Average Mattress Price by Type Price Range Average Price Spring $115 - $2,380 $960 Memory ...
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Car Wash Industry Market Analysis

Carwash Industry Statistics Data Car wash industry annual revenue $5.8 billion Car wash industry annual ...
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Hair Loss Statistic UK & Ireland

Two-thirds of all men will eventually be affected by male pattern baldness — in the ...
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Educational Services Industry Statistics

There is a growth element to this industry. Education companies are reporting a trend of ...
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food truck industry statisticbrain

Food Truck Industry Market Analysis

Food Truck Industry Statistics Data Annual food truck revenue $1,850,000,000 Industry revenue increase over the ...
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Gym Membership Market Analysis

Gym and Health Club Industry Statistics Data Average number of times a gym membership owner ...
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Global Factory Number Statistics

Global Factory and Manufacturing Statistics Number Size of global manufacturing industry $64.85 Trillion Total number ...
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laser hair removal statistics

Laser Hair Removal Statistics

Laser Hair Removal Statistics Data Laser hair removal industry revenue in 2009 $244 million Average ...
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Largest U.S. Exports 2017

Largest US Exports Total Value in USD Millions General merchandise – all end-use commodities 1,546,725 ...
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Global Manufacturing MSME Factory & Worker Statistics

US Qualifications: To be considered an MSME (Micro, Small, or Medium) an enterprise must be ...
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US Exports 2017

Monthly Exports of Goods, Census-based, NSA, in Millions of Dollars Enduse Code Year Jan Feb ...
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floral flower industry sales statistics

Flower Industry Market Analysis

Flower Industry Statistics Data Value of the global floral trade industry $104,825,000,000 Annual U.S. spending ...
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Largest Coffee Shop Chains in Europe

Rank Largest Coffee Shop Chains In Europe Number 1 Costa Coffee 2,512 2 Starbucks 2,216 ...
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watch industry statistics

Wrist Watch Industry Market Analysis

Watch Industry Statistics Data Number of watches sold annually worldwide 1,200,000,000 Number of smartwatches sold ...
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new era fitted hat cap manufacturing

Hat & Cap Manufacturing Industry Market Analysis

Hat Sales Industry Statistics Number of baseball hats sold in the US each year 43,750,000 ...
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bicycle industry production statistics

Bicycle Industry Statistics

Bicycle Industry Statistics Data Total number of bicycles produced annually 132,000,000 Total value of the ...
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diff eyewear sunglasses

Sunglasses Industry Market Analysis

Sunglasses Industry Statistics Data Annual sunglasses industry sales revenue worldwide $3,596,000,000 Percent of sunglasses purchased ...
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