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We produce Industry Analysis Reports that provide strategic insight and analysis on over 500 US industries. Comprehensive, neutral and digestible, our research keeps you up-to-date on US industries and economic factors to help you make better decisions, faster..

headphone industry sales market share statistics

Headphone Industry Market Share Statistics

Worldwide Headphone Shipments by Region 2015 Shipments 2016 Projected United States 84,000,000 92,000,000 Europe 77,000,000 ...
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sushi restaurant industry statistics

Sushi Industry Statistics

Sushi Restaurant Statistics Number Number of sushi restaurants outside of Japan (estimate) 16,000 Number of ...
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Casino Industry & Revenue Statistics

Gaming Casino Statistics Data Total number of commercial casinos in the U.S. 462 Number of ...
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manufacturing job wage by country statistics

Average Hourly Manufacturing Rates

Average hourly manufacturing compensation Hourly Rate (U.S.$) Norway $57.53 Switzerland $53.20 Belgium $50.70 Denmark $45.48 ...
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tobacco industry statistics

Tobacco & Cigarette Industry Sales Statistics

Cigarette Industry Sales Statistics Data Total number of cigarettes sold annually worldwide 6,674,000,000,000 Total number ...
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Diamond Mining Industry Statistics

Largest Diamond Producing Countries Carats Value Price / Carat Russia 40,322,000 $3,579,000,000 $88.76 Botswana 20,501,246 ...
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soap industry statistics

Soap Industry Statistics

Personal Cleansing Category Market Share Market Share of Sales Dove 21.5 % Dial 14 % ...
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Hair Coloring & Dying Industry Market Research

Women Hair Coloring Survey Data Data taken from US women ages 16-65 (Sample Size: 7,392 ...
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Crowdfunding Industry Statistics

General Crowdfunding Statistics Data Average crowdfunding project contribution $84 2017 crowd funding revenue in the ...
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Barbershop Industry Market Report

Barbershop Statistics Data Barbershop industry projected 10 year growth 10 % Number of barbers in ...
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Waste Management Industry Analysis

Companies in this industry collect, treat, and dispose of garbage and other waste materials, recover ...
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cosmetic industry statistics

Cosmetic Industry Market Analysis

Cosmetic Industry Statistics Data Annual revenue of the cosmetic industry in the U.S. $56,875,000,000 Percent ...
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surfing industry statistics

Surfing Industry Market Research

35 Million Total number of surfers in the world. $2.5 Billion Annual U.S. coastal economic ...
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online dating statistics

Online Dating Industry Report

56,720,000 Number of people in the U.S. who have tried online dating. $2.3 Billion Online ...
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Faith Based Film Industry

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Footwear Industry Market Analysis

$38.2 Billion 2017 Brick and Mortar Shoe Store Sales. $26.4 Billion 2017 Online Shoe Sales ...
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Mattress Industry Sales Statistics

Average Mattress Price by Type Price Range Average Price Spring $115 - $2,380 $960 Memory ...
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Denim Jeans Industry Market Analysis

Denim Industry Statistics Data Total number of denim jeans sold worldwide annually 1,240,000,000 Size of ...
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baby infant product care industry statistics

Baby Care Product Industry Market Analysis

Baby & Infant Product Statistics Data Total size of the baby care product market in ...
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Car Wash Industry Market Analysis

Carwash Industry Statistics Data Car wash industry annual revenue $5.8 billion Car wash industry annual ...
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