I Do or I Don’t? : Marriage Statistics in the United States

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marriage statistics
I do… or I don’t

Published: March 27, 2015

Marriage, for some, may be the grandest concept they can think of. With pretty dresses and fancy suits, who wouldn’t want to dress up to tie the knot? Each year there are approximately 2,077,000 weddings in the United States, and if that seems large, the rate is actually only 6.8 per 1,000 individuals. The divorce rate is half, 3.4 every 1,000, which may come as a relief or disturbing realization to some. When comparing race, white men make up 44% of men currently married, which black men make up 32% and Hispanic men make up 43%. Amongst women, Hispanic women own the majority of individuals currently married, with white women falling behind at 44% and black women at 26%.

This may come as a surprise. As the level of education rises, the percent of marriages decreases. Twenty eight percent of those who do not have a high school diploma, while only 26% of those who do have a diploma, are married. The number only decreases as education levels increase. Only 21% of those with some college degree are married, while only 11% of those with a bachelor’s degree are married. Love isn’t bound by diplomas, though, so these stats may be reflective of that.

Religion can play a huge part in marriage. Women are the majority when it comes to placing importance on religion. The percent of women who say that religion is important is 60.1% while only a small 36.3% of women say it is unimportant. Only 50.9% of men say that religion pays an important part in religion.

Brace yourself. These statistics may make you less inclined to get married, but have hope! Only 0.66% of marriages will last ten years. A factor in this is when a baby is born in the relationship. Relationships have a larger probability of surviving ten years (0.79%) when there was a birth eight or more months after a marriage. Understandable, right? A baby is a lot of pressure.

But fret not! Marriage is a beautiful thing. It’s not every day you get to choose your partner for life, to declare your love in a ceremony. So if you’re looking for love, don’t let the numbers get to you. Who knows? Pulling up a statistic or two on marriage could be a great pick up line!

By Shrien Alshabasy





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I Do or I Don’t? : Marriage Statistics in the United States

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