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H.J. Heinz Company Statistics

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Research Date: 7.19.2013
The H. J. Heinz Company, commonly known as Heinz and famous for its “57 Varieties” slogan and its ketchup, is a U.S food processing company with world headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Heinz ranked first in ketchup in the US with a market share in excess of 50%.
Year Founded: 1869
H.J. Heinz Company StatisticsData
Average number of Heinz ketchup bottles sold each year650,000,000
Total number of countries Heinz sells their products200
Total number of Heinz employees32,200
Annual revenue$11,929,000,000
Highest historic stock price (2013)$72.49
Lowest historic stock price (1978)$1.70
Number of Heinz factories101
Amount Berkshire Hathaway paid to aquire Heinz in 2013$23,000,000,000
Total number of Heinz products5,700

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H.J. Heinz Company Statistics

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