Going Under the Knife: Botox Statistics

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botox industry statistics
Everyone feels insecure

Published: September 28, 2015

Famous for being a yearly routine of celebrities around the world, Botox has a rather distasteful connotation when used in everyday small talk. With all of its bad press, the Botox industry thrives from the pockets of wealthy adventurers. The Botox industry makes $2,455,000,000 a year off those looking to reinvent themselves. A Botox treatment is not only expensive, but also takes four months for the treatment to end. Worth it? We’ll let you decide.

Although there have been huge controversies of young celebs going under the knife, it may reassure you to know that the average age for a Botox patient is 40-59. Most patients seem satisfied with their results, with the vast 82% reporting an improvement within a week of treatment. There, are botches though, and that seems to stop the average person from forking over the cash. Each surgeon sees an average of 121 patients, with an average price of $340 per treatment. Worldwide, 4,250,000 individuals account for those who are patients of Botox. Who would have thought?

Although Botox seems laborious, the average Botox takes only thirty minutes. We can think of a handful of activities we can do in thirty minutes, but Botox? Everyone feels insecure or doubtful about their physical characteristics sometimes, but it’s important to remember that although money and time may not be a problem, perception is. Each individual is beautiful, with or without surgery!

By Seth Harden




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Going Under the Knife: Botox Statistics

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