family happiness statistics

Family Happiness Statistics

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Top activities that make parents happyPercent
Vacations37 %
Outings (zoo, playground, museum)37 %
Time with other families or relatives27 %
Playing board or video games23 %
Eating meals together22 %
Celebrating special occasions22 %
Top activities that make kids happyPercent
Vacations42 %
Celebrating special occasions35 %
Playing board or video games31 %
Outings (zoo, playground, museum)26 %
Watching movies, TV, or videos together25 %
Time with other families or relatives21 %
How parents rated their current family happiness versus their own childhood familyHappiness Rating
Average happiness rating parents gave their family81 %
Average happiness rating parents gave their own childhood family69 %
Top things that bring the family downPercent
Not enough money64 %
Parents having to work too much45 %
Competing with screens and technology32 %
Housework / chores31 %
Questions: What would make your family happier?Percent Yes
Cook a fun meal54 %
(or) Go out to a restaurant46 %
Have a house cleaner94 %
(or) Have a chauffeur6 %
Yearly trip to a major theme park32 %
(or) Weekly local outings68 %
New big-screen TV12 %
(or) Weekly family game nights88 %
More money52 %
(or) More time48 %
Backyard swimming pool69 %
(or) New car31 %
Dream vacation71 %
(or) New family room29 %
Daily Happiness HabitsPercent of Families
Percent of families or reported doing the following either daily or weekly
Share a meal88 %
Laugh together88 %
Read books together66 %
Discuss things they are grateful for33 %
Get active29 %
Weekly Happiness HabitsPercent of Families
Watch funny movie or video65 %
Play board or video games52 %
Participate in spiritual or religious events51 %
Get active49 %
Socialize with friends or relatives49 %


Statistic Sources & References
Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: October 2, 2016

Family Happiness Statistics

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