Eyes Off The Road – Texting and Driving

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texting and driving statistics

Published: March 27, 2015

Everyone knows that texting and driving is a bad thing. We hear endless commercials and advertisements declaring the terrifying dangers of messaging and getting behind the steering wheel. Despite these efforts by campaigns and organizations, 37% of people still receive and send text messages while driving. This can be a scary thought, especially since one of that thirty seven percent could be LOLing as their vehicle tumbles in front of you. Who knows which drivers are guilty of texting and driving? To make matters worse, 18%, almost half of people texting behind the wheel, admit to doing it regularly! These distracted drivers are among the 10% who spend time in the wrong lane while driving.

It may not be surprising to figure that 46% of drivers guilty of texting while driving are under the age of 18. Teenagers are known to be addicted to social media and chatting it up, so what would stop them from doing it behind the wheel? Organizations like Do Something and commercials on channels like MTV attempt to use appealing ads and campaigns to stop teens from texting and driving, but a smart phone can be like an extra arm. This statistic may be all too familiar – a driver spends 4.6 seconds not looking at the road while texting. Within those four seconds, an infinitesimal amount to some, a person could lose their life, or take the life of another. In fact, a truck driver is 23.2 times more likely of getting into accident while texting and driving.

Do these statistics make you sick? Take action! Get involved with your youth community and share this post on social media to get the awareness spreading. See how many people you can get to in 4.6 seconds.

By Shrien Alshabasy





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Eyes Off The Road – Texting and Driving

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