Exercise Statistics

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Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ManCouch,
Research Date: 7.8.2014
Exercise Statistics
Percent of adults who met the Physical Activity Guidelines (PAG) for Aerobic physical activity47%
Percent of adults who met PAG for muscle-strengthening physical activity22.4 %
Percentage who met both PAG for aerobic and muscles physical activity18.8 %
Total number of moderate physical activity adults need to spend 5 days a week to maintain healthy weight30 minutes
Percent of Americans that don’t get recommended amount of physical activity60 %
Percent of adults who aren’t active at all25 %
Percentage of increased metabolism gained by eating spicy foods50 %
Number of calories burned in a one minute kiss26 calories
Number of times you need to laugh to equal 10 minutes of exercise100
Number of calories burnt everyday by fidgeting350 calories
Percentage of high school students who are physically active more than 20 minutes a day19 %
Total number of muscles in the human body650
Total number of Americans with gym memberships45,300,000
Total number of Health Clubs in U.S.29,750

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Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: September 7, 2016

Exercise Statistics

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