Car Make and Model Fatality Statistics

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Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Research Date: 11.23.2013
Cars With The Highest Death Rates
 Models for Vehicle Model Years 2005-2008Rates per Million
1Nissan 350Z143
2Nissan Titan (crew cab)126
3Chevrolet Aveo119
4Chevrolet Cobalt (4-door)117
5Kia Spectra102
6Chevrolet Malibu Classic99
7Hyundai Tiburon96
8Nissan Versa96
9Chevrolet Colorado (extended cab)93
10Kia Rio89
 Models for Vehicle Model Years 2001-2004Rates per million
1Chevrolet Blazer (2 door, 2WD)232
2Acura RSX202
3Nissan 350Z193
4Kia Spectra (hatchback)191
5Pontiac Sunfire179
6Kia Rio175
7Chevrolet Cavalier (2 door)171
8Mitsubishi Eclipse169
9Dodge Neon161
10Pontiac GrandAm (2 door)160
11Chevrolet Cavalier (4 door)150
12Ford Mustang150
Cars With The Lowest Death Rates
 Models for Vehicle Model Years 2001-2004Rates per Million
1Chevrolet Astro7
2Infiniti G3511
3BMW 7 Series11
4Toyota 4Runner13
5Audi A4 / S4 quattro14
6Mercedes Benz E-Class14
7Toyota Highlander14
8Mercedes-Benz M-Class14
9Toyota Sienna17
10Honda Odyssey17
11Lexus ES33018
12Lexus RX33018
13Toyota Sequoia18
14Honda Pilot19
15BMW X519

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Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)
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Date research was conducted: August 28, 2016

Car Make and Model Fatality Statistics

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