Homework Helps You Get an Office Job

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The H word. The word that makes students shudder, pout their lips and roll their eyes. Homework. Schools implement homework to enforce review of the material taught throughout the day, but how does it conflict with the needs of a student? A student spends 3.11 hours each weeknight on homework, which explains why the average student gets only 6.80 hours of sleep a night. It probably won’t surprise most students and educators that eleventh grade students spend the most time on homework, since they are prepping for the even scarier term: the C word. (That is, college). The good news is that some teachers don’t assign more than one hour of homework per night. The bad news? That’s only a teeny 11%.

Students seem to focus more on their three hours of homework alone, because 77% of students work alone compared to the 16% who decide to complete homework with their family members. Although some kids may get away with skipping homework every night, it will reassure educators to know that the majority of parents (64.6%) check that their student’s homework is complete.

When comparing the number of hours spent doing homework per night, girls spend more time on homework in every grade of high school. Although the differences may not be overwhelmingly different, it would interest researchers to find the effects of this hard work. Will girls be more successful after graduation? Or do hours taken to complete homework have no effect on the future of the student? Every student is different, whether that is through their environment, rigor or potentiality. The ‘H’ word is still being evaluated for its effectiveness, but review of material learned during the day will only allow brains to thrive.

By Shrien Alshabasy


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Date research was conducted: March 9, 2017

Homework Helps You Get an Office Job

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