Coco for Coca-Cola

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By Shrien Alshabasy
Published: April 28, 2015

A crisp, cold, glass of soda may be your go-to on a sweltering summer day. But did you know that Coca-Cola is one of the most known brand names around the world? Their current stock value is $38.58, higher than their average stock value over the past ten years. Coca Cola sweeps in $47.51 billion dollars a year from their $16.97 billon assets. Their enterprise value? A whopping $189.2 billion.

Around the world, 146,200 Coke employees are preparing your refreshment in sealed cans and capped bottles. The brand is so popular that 96% of the world’s population recognize the logo! That might be because there are 1.8 billion coke bottles sold each day, compared the weak 25 that was sold its first year. There are 275 Coke bottling companies internationally, supplying the 10,450 drinks by Coca-Cola being consumed each second. Isn’t that wild?

So who are the trailing competitors of Coke? Following after the 26% share that Coke owns of the soft drink market share, there is Pepsi (15%) tied with Diet Coke (15%) and Mountain Dew (10%). Closely tied at the end of the soft drink market share are Dr. Pepper (9%), Diet Pepsi (8%) and Sprite (8%). All that said, Coke owns the majority of the market, and its not hard to see why.

So who drinks the most Coke? Latin and South Americans! They consume 29% of the worldwide unit case volume. Following after is North America (we do love our soft drinks) at 22%, Pacific (18%), Eurasia and Africa (16%) and Europe (15%).

Although a refreshing Coke may make you feel like you’re the only one in the world feeling such great pleasure, don’t be fooled. There are a million others like you.


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Coco for Coca-Cola

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