Cisco Systems Inc Company Statistics

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Cisco Systems, Inc, founded by two members of Stanford University’s computer support staff, is an American multinational corporation. Based in San Jose, California, Cisco specializes in networking hardware.
Company Statistics
Company HeadquartersSan Jose, CA
Founded byLeonard Bosack & Sandy Lerner
Year founded1984
Number of employees (Q1 2014)75,136
Quarterly revenue from US Sales$7.35 billion
Quarterly revenue from European Sales$3.14 billion
Quarterly revenue from Asia/Pacific/Japan/China (APJC)$1.92 billion
Revenue (2013) $48.607 billion
Net Income (2013)9.983 billion
Quarterly Revenue (Q1 2014)$12.1 billion
Quarterly Net Income (Q1 2014)$2 billion
Year company went public1990
Dividends Paid (Q1 2014)$914 billion
Cisco Systems, Inc Sales Statistics
Revenue from Switching (Q1 2014)$3.745 Billion
NGN Routing (Q1 2014)$2.043 Billion
Collaboration (Q1 2014)$1.027 Billion
Service Provider Video (Q1 2014)$987 Million
Data Center (Q1 2014)$601 Million
Wireless (Q1 2014)$540 Million
Security (Q1 2014)$365 Million
Other (Q1 2014)$80 Million

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Cisco Systems Inc Company Statistics

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