Chewing Gum Statistics

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Source: Wrigley, NACGM
Research Date: 7.7.2014
Chewing Gum Statistics
Annual U.S. chewing gum sales$2 billion
Total value of the entire Chewing Gum Industry$19 billion
Total number of sticks of chewing gum made every year1.74 trillion
Percent of all chewing gum manufactured by Wrigley35%
Total number of chewing gum manufacturing companies115
Number of U.S. chewing gum companies30
Tons of chewing gum consumed each year100,000 tons
Total time gum would be chewed every year if each piece of gum was chewed for 30 min187 billion hours
Diameter of the largest gum bubble ever blown23 inches
Total number of chewing gum manufactures in Turkey60
Amount of calories chewing gum for one hour burns11 calories
Number of years old the world’s oldest piece of chewing gum is9000 years
Average amount of sticks of gum each person chews every year280

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Date research was conducted: March 23, 2018

Chewing Gum Statistics

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