Blackjack: Your best bet at winning!

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Blackjack: Your best bet at winning!

Everyone loves a good game, be it poker, roulette, slots or blackjack. Back in the day one had to set aside time to visit a casino. But current technology allows for you to play your favorite games whenever you want, on an online casino. Such convenience and comfort! Everyone has their favorite game, but if you want to increase your odds of winning, you may want to consider a few hands of blackjack, in addition to your usual favorite. Out of all the games, blackjack will usually give you the best shot at winning big.

So why does blackjack have the best odds of winning, in comparison with games like roulette or the beautifully colored slots machines? It’s all about the numbers and the statistics! Blackjack is designed in a way that for every one hundred dollars that you spend, you will lose fifty cents as a minimum. The return to player is 99.63% if you follow basic strategy. Not bad odds, huh?

For those of you who have never played blackjack before, it is a fairly simple game to grasp. You want to get a hand totaling twenty-one, or as close to that as possible –but not over! The best way to maximize your chances of winning is to use statistical probabilities as a strategy for whether or not to ask for another card. The rationale behind this is that you will be able to better place cleverer bets, if you know what the probabilities of getting a given card are, at any given time.

Card counting, while frowned upon by casinos, is technically not illegal. But this is a technique that is not relevant for when playing at an online casino. Online casinos will typically reshuffle for each new round, making it impossible to count card. Basic strategy based on statistical probabilities will help you determine whether to hit (ask for another card) or stand (keep your hand as it is).

So here are some basic tips for using statistics as a strategy in blackjack. If you are sitting at a hand that totals anywhere between five and eight: always hit. If you have a nine, you will either hit or double down (where you increase your bet by up to 100% of your original bet, with the commitment to stand after getting one more card). If your hand of nine is comprised out of any combination of ace, two or seven, your best bet is to hit. While on the other hand, if your nine is made up of a six and a three, you should definitely double down. In instances where you have a hand of ten (from either a ten or an ace), you should hit. While if you have a hand of eleven (from a nine and a two), you need to double down. If your hand is anywhere between seventeen and twenty you need to stay! Hitting or doubling down at this point it far too risky, if you want to maximize your chances of winning big.


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Blackjack: Your best bet at winning!

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