Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Statistics

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Source: Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Retail Industry
Research Date: 3.20.2014
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Statistics
Annual sales revenue for Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream$132 million
Number of Ben and Jerry’s employees446
Number of Ben and Jerry’s eating locations5,812
Number of flavor’s the original Ben and Jerry’s store offered12
Amount spent by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield to learn how to make ice cream$10
Weight of the worlds largest sundae created by Ben and Jerry’s27,102 pounds
Total amount of investment money used to start Ben and Jerry’s franchise$12,000
Percent of voting stock owned by Ben and Jerry42%
Amount of capital used from Ben and Jerry’s own savings to start Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream$8,000
Total amount of investment capital borrowed to start Ben and Jerry’s franchise$4,000

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Date research was conducted: September 1, 2016

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Statistics

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