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Source: IFPI Digital Music Report, Black Enterprise
Research Date: 12.2.2013
Elevator music (also known as Muzak, piped music, weather music or lift music) refers to instrumental arrangements of popular music designed for playing in shopping malls, grocery stores, department stores, telephone systems (while the caller is on hold), cruise ships, airports, business offices, and elevators. The term is also frequently applied as a generic term for any form of easy listening, smooth jazz, or middle of the road music, or to the type of recordings commonly heard on “beautiful music” radio stations.
Muzak StatisticsData
Annual Muzak revenue$248,000,000
Percent of shoppers who say they heard music during their most recent shopping trip46 %
Percent of consumers who say music encourages them to stay in stores longer79 %
Percent of consumers who say music encouraged them to spend more in a store 
Percent of shoppers who feel it is acceptable for retail audio to carry commercials57 %
Percent of shoppers who made a purchase in the store based on an audio advertisement heard while in the store41 %

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Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute (Online / Direct Response Mail)
Content Author: Statistic Brain

Date research was conducted: September 2, 2016

Background Music / Muzak Statistics

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