Amputee Statistics

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Source: Diabetes Amputation Prevention, Net Wellness
Research Date: 7.28.2013
Amputation Statistics
Total amount of amputations performed in the U.S. each year65,000
Total number of amputees living in the U.S.1.7 million
Percent of amputations that occur due to a vascular disease82%
Percent of amputations that are performed due to trauma22%
Percent of amputation that are performed from being congenital4%
Total number of lower limb amputations performed each year113,000
Percent of amputations that are done with the loss of 1 or more fingers (most common amputation) each year65.000
Percent of amputations that are performed on males77%
Percent of amputations that occur on people over the age of 5080%

statistics on amputees ? how many amputations occur each year in the u.s.?, how many people living in the u.s. have had an amputation?, what are the causes for amputation?, what is the main cause for amputations?, what age do most amputations occur after?, what gender has a higher amputation rate? how many people are missing limbs ?

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Date research was conducted: September 2, 2016

Amputee Statistics

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