Bitcoin Mining Statistics

Bitcoin Mining StatisticsData
Estimate number of Bitcoin miners325,000
Total Bitcoin mining network hashrate11,000,000 TH/s
Average bitcoin mining reward per day$11,800,000
Average daily revenue per Bitcoin miner$38
Average mining rig investment per Bitcoin miner$7,200
Average time it takes to break even on a Bitcoin miner investment190 days
Average number of blocks mined per day129
Number of Bitcoin transactions confirmed per day326,000
Current Bitcoin circulation supply16,920,000
Number of new Bitcoin created every day3760
Average daily trading volume$4,900,000,000
Number of countries that use Bitcoin unrestricted96
Total number of Bitcoin wallets on Blockchain.info19,250,000
Global Bitcoin mining electricity consumption30.29 TH/w

Burglary Statistics

Burglary StatisticsData
Number of home burglaries reported each year2,000,000
Number of burglaries that occur every day4,800
Average dollar loss per burglary$2,251
Average annual property loss from burglaries$3,900,000,000
Percent of burglaries that occur at residential properties75 %
Percent of burglars that enter through an unlocked door or window30%
Percent of burglars who enter through the front door34 %
Average amount of time a burglar spends inside the home10 Minutes
Percent of burglaries that occur while someone is home28 %
Percent of time a present household member experiences some type of violence7 %
Percent of burglaries that resulted in an arrest.13.6 %