Year-Round School Statistics

Year-Round Education (YRE) Statisitcs Data
Percent increase in year-round school implementations from 1987 – 2014 544 %
Number of year-round schools in the U.S. 3,181
Percent of public school children enrolled in year-round schools 10 %
Support for Year-Round Schools  
Yes. Other countries do it. 49.7 %
No. The current school year is fine and summer vacation is valuable too. 46.4 %
Maybe, but will unions allow it? 3.8 %
Dropout Rates  
Dropout rate for non YRE schools 5 %
Average dropout rate for YRE schools 2 %
The following is a comparison taken between 3 YRE schools and 3 standard schedule schools. Each category consisted of 1 high-income, 1 middle-income, and 1 low-income school. Source: From The Impact of Year Round on Student Learning: A Study of Six Elementary
Schools by C. Kneese, 1996
Math and Reading Comparison Year End Math Gain Year End Reading Gain
High School A (YRE) 10.05 10.52
High School B (Non-YRE) 7.71 8.91
Year-Round School Calendar  
In School 45 Days
Fall Break 15 Days
In School 30 Days
Thanksgiving Break 3 Days
In School 15 Days
Winter Break 15 Days
In School 45 Days
Spring Break 15 Days
In School 45 Days
Summer Break 30 Days
Statistic & Data References
Sources: American Library Association, California Department of Education, MSNBC
Date research was conducted: March 3rd, 2015