World War II Statistics

World War II Statistics
Number of Americans who served in World War II 16.1 million
Average amount of time each U.S. military serviceman served overseas during WWII 16 months
Number of people worldwide who served in WWII 690,000,000
Number of of deaths sustained worldwide during WWII 72,000,000
Number of of European Jews killed during the holocaust 6,000,000
Number of U.S. troops engaged during WWII 16,112,566
Number of of American casualties during WWII 291,557
Number of of German Generals executed by Hitler 84
Number of bombs the allies dropped during WWII 3.4 million tons
Number of of U.S. soldiers that were wounded during WWII 671,846
Number of men who served on U-Boats 40,000
Number of men who served on U-Boats who never returned 30,000
Number of German planes that were destroyed on accidents 45%
Number of airplanes that US 8th Air Force shot down 6,098
Total average amount of bombs dropped by the allies each month during WWII 27,770 tons
Number of countries involved in WWII 61 countries
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Date research was conducted: April 2nd, 2015