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World War I Statistics

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Source: History Learnings, World War Three
Research Date: 3.20.2014
World War I Statistics (Stats are for all countries involved)
Total number of men mobilized to fight in World War I 65 million
Percentage of men mobilized in World War I who died 57 %
Total number killed in World War I 8.5 million
Total number of casualities in World War I 37 million
Number of missing POW’s from WWI 7.7 million
Number of wounded soldiers in WWI 19.7 million
Number of years of fighting that took place during WWI 4 years
Number of allied countris military casualities in WWI 5.7 million
Number of allied country civilian casualties from WWI 3.67 million
Number of allied countries wounded in WWI 12.8 million
Number of WWI Military casualities 9,720,450
Number of Civilian casualties in WWI 8,865,650
Total War Cost altogther of WWI $186.3 billion

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World War I Statistics

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