world hunger statistics

World Hunger Statistics

World Hunger Statistics Data
Total number of people that die every year from hunger 7,665,000
Total number of children that die every year from hunger 1,250,000
Total number of people who died of hunger today 21,000
Percent of world population considered to be starving 26 %
Time between deaths of people who die from hunger 3.9 seconds
Total number of people in the world who suffer from hunger and malnutrition 850,000,000
Total number of people who do not have enough to eat 945,000,000
Percent of those who do not have enough to eat who live in developing countries 98 %
Percent of world’s hungry that live in just 7 main countries 65 %
Percent of U.S. households that are at risk of hunger 11%

Starvation is a severe deficiency in caloric energy intake needed to maintain human life. It is the most extreme form of malnutrition. In humans, prolonged starvation can cause permanent organ damage and eventually, death.

Statistic Verification
Source: Facing the Future, Think Quest, Hunger Relief Organizations
Research Date: November 21st, 2015

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