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Working Mother Statistics

Working Mother Statistics Data
Percent of mothers that work out of home 61 %
Percent of working mothers who say they are “very happy” or “pretty happy” 85 %
Percent of stay-at-home mothers who say they are “very happy” or “pretty happy” 80 %
Percent of mothers age 17 or younger who work part or full time jobs 66 %
Percent of working mothers who would prefer to work part time 62 %
Percent of working mothers who say they “sometime / frequently” feel stressed 86 %
Percent of working mothers who say they “always feel rushed” 40 %
Inequality Amongst Working Mothers
Average reduced rate of being hired for a mother 79 %
Average reduced rate of work promotions for a mother 50 %
Average reduction in starting salary for a mother $11,000
Public Opinion
A mother should work full time 12 %
A mother should work part time 40 %
A mother should not work at all 42 %
Countries with the highest percent of working mothers Percent
Sweden 76 %
Denmark 74 %
Norway 73 %
Portugal 70 %
Netherlands 66 %
Austria 66 %
Belgium 66 %
United States 61 %
Global Average 54.3 %

More and more women are cooking up big work careers. So how do these women fare if and when they begin a family? Many traditional folk might argue a woman's place is at home with the children. The numbers paint a slightly different picture of the modern working mother.

Statistic Verification
Source: Pew Research Center, U.S. Bureau of Labor, Harvard Business Review
Research Date: September 4th, 2015

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