Volunteer Worker Statistics
Statistic Verification
Source: National Service, Volunteering in America
Date Verified: 3.20.2012
Volunteering Statistics
Total number of people who volunteered through or for an organization at least once between Sep. 2010-Sep. 201164.3 million
Total percentage of women who volunteered29.9%
Total percentage of men who volunteered23.5%
Total number of hours given by U.S. volunteers in 20108.1 billion
Total amount of volunteer service worth in 2009$169 billion
Total percentage of the largest volunteer demographic people between 35-44 years old32.2%
Total percentage of whites who volunteered27.6%
Total percentage of blacks/african americans who volunteered19.4%
Total percentage of asians who volunteered19.6%
Total percentage of hispanic or latino ethnicity who volunteered14.7%
Total percent of volunteers who had less than a high school diploma8.8%
Total estimated value of volunteer time at an hourly rate$20.25
Total amount of volunteer firefighters in the U.S.812,150
Total amount of firefighters in the U.S.1.15 million
Total percentage of volunteer firefighters who serve communities of less than 25,000 residents94%
Total amount of money volunteer firefighters save communities annually in taxes$37.2 billion

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